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Model: 5501
TEM NO.5501SUBSTRATEFRPSIZE (IN)1" x 3"SIZE (MM)25,4 x 76,2THICKNESS0.09" / 2.29mmFINISHGlossCOATINGWhite..
Brand: UniSub Model: 5532
ITEM NO.5532SUBSTRATEFRPSIZE (IN)1.5" x 3"SIZE (MM)38.1 x 76.2THICKNESS0.09" / 2.29mmFINISHGlossCOATINGWhite..
Model: 4463
Material: Aluminum Finish: Gloss WhiteThickness: 0.03"Size: 1.5"x3"..
Brand: UniSub Model: 4467
Product DetailsMaterial: Aluminum Finish: Gloss WhiteThickness: 0.03"Size: 2"x3"Printing InstructionsTemperature 400FTime 60 secondsPeel ImmediatePressure Light..
Brand: UniSub Model: 5733
ITEM NO.5733SUBSTRATEAluminumSIZE (IN)2" x 3.5"SIZE (MM)50.8 x 88.9THICKNESS0.03" / 0.762mmFINISHGlossCOATINGWhite..
Brand: UniSub Model: 5786
ITEM NO.5786SUBSTRATEFRPSIZE (IN)1.5" x 3"SIZE (MM)38.1 x 76.2THICKNESS0.09" / 2.29mmFINISHGlossCOATINGWhite..
Brand: UniSub Model: MAGNA-CLIP 30
MAGNA-CLIP 30magnetic clip1/2" x 1 3/4 Triple Magnet BlueUses 3 VERY strong magnets to secure a name badge in place in combination with a metal bar (included).  Comes with double sided tape to stick the magnets to the back of the badge, no need to poke holes through an expensive shirt!Avoid usa..
Model: 4738
ITEM NO.4738SUBSTRATEAluminumSIZE (IN)1.5" x 1"SIZE (MM)38,1 x 25,4THICKNESS.045" / 1,14 mmmmFINISHGlossCOATINGWhite..
Brand: UniSub Model: 4737
PET TAG - HEART 2 SIDEDITEM NO.4737SUBSTRATEAluminumSIZE (IN)1.25" x 1.38"SIZE (MM)31,75 x 35,05THICKNESS0.045" / 1.14mmFINISHGlossCOATINGWhite..
Model: 4739
ITEM NO.4739SUBSTRATEAluminumSIZE (IN)1.25" x 1.5"SIZE (MM)31,7 x 38,1THICKNESS0.045" / 1,14mmmmFINISHGlossCOATINGWhite..
Model: 5666
ITEM NO.5666SUBSTRATEAluminumSIZE (IN).875"SIZE (MM)22,2 RoundTHICKNESS0.03" / 0.762mmCOATINGWhite..
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