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SUBLIMATION101 is an international company with a mission to empower entrepreneurial individuals with simple, easy-to-learn equipment and support to thrive in the industry.

Welcome to SUBLIMATION101, the pioneers of the dye-sublimation and heat transfer world since 1994. Our journey began during the "Manufacture of Computer Portraits Systems" era, where we wove magic into the process of placing your face on famous stars' bodies and magazine covers. Back then, our focus was on instant photo gifts and entertainment. As the new millennium dawned, we ventured into the domains of "Quick Print," "Embroidery," "Photo Gifts," and "Ad Specialty Markets."

Our diverse clientele, ranging from business franchises to fair and festival vendors, party event planners, and print shops, have been our compass. We've striven to provide a comprehensive range of printers, papers, presses, and products, with one goal in mind: to elevate your business's success and profitability. Since our inception in 1994, we've been unwaveringly committed to delivering top-tier transfer products to the industry.

In the late 1990s, as the "Heat Transfer Sublimation" market underwent substantial changes, we adapted our technology to meet the demands of heat transfers and sublimation. We transitioned from ribbon dye-sublimation printers to the innovative liquid ink sublimation printing.

Our journey has been a continuous quest for knowledge, involving close collaboration with manufacturers, importers, and technical experts, engaging in beta testing, and much more. We've always believed in the industry's potential for evolution.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our friends and clients, ensuring that every experience with SUBLIMATION101 is marked by fairness and fulfillment.

SUBLIMATION101 is a dynamic partnership between manufacturers from the Far East and the USA, combined with gift and homeware designers, all with a deep specialization in sublimation merchandise.

Our Core Values:

Innovation: We are the creators of leading products for the ad specialty, promotional, and photo gift market, with a unique focus on personalized sublimation printing. We firmly believe that the growing demand for custom sublimation printing necessitates superior quality substrates compared to what is currently available.

Value: Through our extensive global network of manufacturers, we guarantee competitive prices, both at the wholesale and retail levels, thanks to the economies of scale.

Quality and Ease: We rigorously test every sublimation process, designing products with ease of production in mind, aiming for a product to be crafted within minutes. At SUBLIMATION101, our obsession is delivering the highest quality sublimation transfers, whether on sublimation metal, sublimation fabric, sublimation wood, or sublimation paper.

Service: We hold our customers to the highest standards and promise a reliable and honest service that fosters the effortless growth of your sublimation business.

Our Promise: Since 1994, we've been dedicated to the evolution of the heat transfer-sublimation world, supplying blanks, materials, equipment, support, and training. As times and technologies have changed, SUBLIMATION101 has adapted accordingly. In the last five years, the sublimation landscape has witnessed substantial growth. The technology has become more accessible and affordable, sparking a surge in sales from hobbyists, small businesses, and large-scale production sectors. With over 25 years of experience, SUBLIMATION101 stands poised and equipped to meet your business's evolving needs, backed by a wealth of stock, expertise, and product knowledge.

Our History: For over two decades, the names Michael Kaminsky and Martha Ray have been synonymous with images on Ceramic Photo Mugs, Photo T-shirts, FRP Plastics, aluminum, and more.

SUBLIMATION101 is an international company with a mission to empower entrepreneurial individuals with simple, easy-to-learn equipment and support to thrive in the industry. Personalized gifts, once reserved for complicated, highly technical, and expensive equipment, can now be effortlessly and inexpensively created.

The technology of sublimation printing today has become more integrated and user-friendly, offering you the tools you need for success, including software, technical support, and how-to videos.

You can rely on SUBLIMATION101 to provide easy-to-use equipment, accessories, and unique, hard-to-find supplies that enable you to produce Ad-Specialty, Photo Gift, and Fundraiser items instantly, whether you're running a cart in a shopping mall or creating personalized products from the comfort of your own home.

Contact Information:

Phone: Toll-Free 1-877-528-8288 or 908-842-8082
Whether you're a large business owner or a small home-based user, let SUBLIMATION101 show you how to embrace this advancement with ease and confidence.

Our Facility: Our corporate headquarters, nestled in the scenic Branchburg, NJ, boasts over 25,000 square feet of sublimation excellence. Our training facility and showroom are tailored to ensure your success, featuring sublimation printers, heat presses, and mug presses. We take pride in our organized warehouse, ensuring that your orders are processed and shipped promptly. Upon processing your order and scanning it at our location, you'll instantly receive an email from the carrier with your tracking information and expected delivery date.

We welcome and encourage you to visit our facility, whether it's for one of our events or simply to say hello over a cup of coffee. Thank you for choosing SUBLIMATION101 as your partner in the exciting world of sublimation.

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