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mug press attachment

mug press attachment
DESCRIPTIONItem Name: Silicon Mug Wrap (∮7.5-9.0cm)Item No.: JTPJB3Weight: .9 lbDimension: φ7.5-9cm for 11-15oz Straight-Shaped MugsSuitable for Sublimation101 Combo Heat Press MachinesTHIS IS A 5 PRONG HEATER UNIT.  Incompatible with 4 prong control boxes.  Compatible with ..
DESCRIPTIONItem Name: Silicon Water Bottle Wrap (∮5.0-7.5cm)Item No.: JTPJB4Weight: .9 lbDimension: φ5-7.5cm for 600mL Water BottlesSuitable for our Sublimation101 Combo machine seriesTHIS IS A 5 PRONG HEATER UNIT.  Incompatible with 4 prong control boxes.  Compatible with JTS-B06 Mug Pres..
Silicon Mug Wrap II (SB05V)Item: JTPJB6 Get Price In: Spare Parts Read: 4360 timesDESCRIPTIONItem Name: Silicon Mug Wrap II (SB05V)Item No.: JTPJB6 Weight: 0.5kgDimension: φ8.8*H14.9cm for 17oz Cone-Shaped Latte Mug5 Prong, use on JTSB06-6 mug presses...
Silicon Mug Wrap II (SB05V)Item: JTPJB5 Get Price In: Spare Parts DESCRIPTIONItem Name: Silicon Mug Wrap II (SB05V)Item No.: JTPJB5Weight: 0.5kgDimension: φ9*H9.8cm for 12oz Cone-Shaped Latte MugUse on JTSB06-6 mug presses (5 prong)...
Mug Heater for Machine Model JTSB06 Mug Press (5 prong attachment)   Item: PJB225H DESCRIPTION Item Name: Mug Heater for machine model JTSB06  Item No.: PJB225H Heater Height: 225mm Suitable for straight mugs and tumblers with a diameter of 7 to 8cm, and up to 20.3cm high. Great fo..
Shot glasses are hugely popular sublimation gifts! However, pressing these items can be difficult…until now! We’re offering easy-to-use shot glass heating elements for our Mug Master Pro to perfectly image our 1.5 ounce and 3 ounce shot glasses. Now you can easily and efficiently create beautiful an..
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