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Fashion Bracelet Round (BRAC-09) G-5

Fashion Bracelet Round (BRAC-09) G-5
Fashion Bracelet Round (BRAC-09) G-5
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  • Model: BRAC-09
  • Weight: 0.30lb
  • UPC: 658860139318


Personalized jewelry is such a hit across many demographics - customize this adorable round-piece charm bracelet with a round themed photos, a monogram, pattern, or trendy design! The silver bracelet chain features a round charm - one picture  round frame . Transfer your photos to the gloss white inserts for a beautifully unique style!

Product Info

• Surface coated

• For sublimation only! 

Printing Instructions

For use in a flat press:

• Print image in reverse

• Check your heat press user manual for specific time and temperature

• Printing Parameters for reference: 180C, 45s with medium pressure

• Remove paper immediately

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