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iPhone 12 Pro Cover (Rubber, Black) N-2

iPhone 12 Pro Cover (Rubber, Black) N-2
iPhone 12 Pro Cover (Rubber, Black) N-2
iPhone 12 Pro Cover (Rubber, Black) N-2
iPhone 12 Pro Cover (Rubber, Black) N-2
iPhone 12 Pro Cover (Rubber, Black) N-2

Sublimation iPhone 12 Pro Cover

Item Name: Sublimation iPhone 12 Pro Cover (Rubber, Black)
Item No.: IP12RU61BK


Newly-launched iPhone 12 Pro plastic phone cover, matching a tailor cut aluminum insert. The cover is cutaway to allow for button and camera uses but it still offers protection. Its sublimatable metal insert give enough space for personalized printing, image showcasing and branding.
The phone cover can better protect your phone from being stained by dirt and broken while dropping to the ground. And the materials are thin, lightweight and smooth, which will add no extra bulk to your iPhone 12 Pro and offer you comfortable touch.


Printing Instructions:
With the image face down by JTrans® Mate Press / JTrans® Clam Press / JTrans® Plus Press
1. Print image in reverse
2. Remove protective plastic cover from aluminum insert before pressing
3. Attach image to insert using thermal tape
4. Position product face down in heat press
5. Press with the following heat press settings
6. Printing parameters: 180℃, 45S
7. Pressure: medium (Be sure to use lower temperature & pressure - undesired finish on metal surface may result if not)
8. Remove paper immediately

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