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Brand: Stahls Model: Kit 3-1316
Elevate Your Print AreaHeat Press Pads are the perfect accessory when decorating near pockets, seams, or zippers. Made from a thick silicone rubber, these pads are designed to elevate the press area away from any obstructions, providing a solid surface for even and accurate pressure.They’re also the..
Brand: Stahls Model: 1-2180
Upper Platen CoverThe upper platen cover is much like the lower platen cover, but fitted for the upper platen. It protects the upper platen from residue, inks, and other adhesives. While it doesn’t replace the need for a non-stick cover sheet, many heat printers find it useful. Direct-to-garment and..
Brand: Stahls Model: PLHBILL
Optional Heat Press Hat Bill PlatenDecorate tops and bottoms of the hat bills.Must have a valid Hotronix press serial number to ship.Expand your hat decoration capabilities and cash in on a hot new trend with this specialty platen. Decorate the top or underside of cap bills, adding a new dimension ..
Brand: Stahls Model: CounterCaddie
This countertop version of our Heat Press Caddie sits on a flat work surface. It adds industry-exclusive Threadability™ to any Hotronix® Auto Open Clam, Hover press, or MAXX® Clam heat press. This stand is not compatible with the Fusion IQ.COUNTERTOP VERSION SITS ON A FLAT WORK SURFACE30" TABLE HEIG..
Brand: Stahls Model: LaserAlignment
Heat Press Laser Alignment SystemPrecise placement when decorating apparel.The Laser alignment system is designed to increase efficiency when decorating apparel. Use the 4 lasers to show exactly where the logo or design needs to be placed. Set up is easy with the Layout Alignment Wizard™. Turn on th..
HEAT PRESS CADDIE STANDHeat Press Caddie gives the ability to add industry-exclusive Threadability™ to any Hotronix® Auto Open Clam, Hover press, or MAXX® Clam heat press. This stand is not compatible with the Fusion IQ...
Brand: Stahls Model: WT-1000-110
EZ Weeding™ TableWeed heat transfer vinyl easier and faster.The Stahls’ EZ Weeding™ Table warms heat transfer vinyl, saving an average of 60% weeding time. The 20" x 36" tabletop provides enough space for a full yard of weeding production at a time. Adjust between three different heat settings to gi..
Brand: Stahls Model: 1-2364
Heat Printing Equipment CartGreat accessory for any heat printing shop.Adjustable, portable cart for a heat press, vinyl cutter, laser cutter, or DTG. It can also double as an extra layout table.Heavy duty steel cart.Crank raises the cart to a maximum height of 35" or lower to 17".Comes fully assemb..
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