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Flat Heat Presses

Brand: Geo Knight Model: JP12
The JetPress12 is a lite duty, low-cost, economical swing away heat press, made by Geo Knight. Intended for start-ups, home use and noncommercial, hobby-oriented transfer printing. The JetPress12 is ideal for ink-jet, color laser copier/printer & sublimation iron-on transfers. An ideal press for..
HEAT PRESS CADDIE STANDHeat Press Caddie gives the ability to add industry-exclusive Threadability™ to any Hotronix® Auto Open Clam, Hover press, or MAXX® Clam heat press. This stand is not compatible with the Fusion IQ...
Brand: Geo Knight Model: DK14S
Geo Knight & Co Inc has done it again!DK14S Digital Knight 12x14 Swing-AwaySpecial Offer $675.00This press is in response to the demand for a USA-made, digital, portable, small-format swing-away press.The NEW DK14S boasts the same Life-Time Warranty, Digital features & Heater tech as the DK2..
Brand: Geo Knight Model: DK8
The DK8 label press is a 6x8 small platen heat press. This machine is very popular for label printing and small transfer & applique sealing.If your image area is less than 8 inches, and you need to specifically isolate an area of a garment or bag, the tall pedestal on the DK8 allows for precise ..
Brand: Hix Model: SwingMan 15
The 15"x15" (swingaway) SwingMan 15 is the best choice for the start-up business. Users will have unlimited application options; from youth size to adult xtra-large garments, and applications on substrates up to 1-1/2" thick.The HIX SwingMan 15 is one of the most reliable small format swing-away hea..
Brand: Stahls Model: STX-MAXXFLAT1115
The Stahls’ MAXX Digital Clam Heat Press offers unrivaled quality in a heat press machine,  which delivers maximum value for start-up businesses. Size Available: 11"x15", 15"x15" and 16"x20".     Affordable – perfect for start-ups or home-based businesses    Simple to u..
Brand: Insta Graphic Model: MS201
Insta 201SKU: MS201Insta 201 Heat Press Machine – Compact Swing-AwayWith its 13″x13″ platens and compact frame, the Insta 201 is the perfect small format machine for use in the home, craft, schools and hobby industries. Its swing-away design makes the Insta 201 an extremely user-friendly machin..
Brand: Stahls Model: STX6AUTO
The Hotronix Auto Open Series 6"x6" Heat Press is ideal for printing smaller transfers such as labels, logos, small signs and more, it allows businesses to print items faster and more accurately.  Innovative features for smaller transfers.    Ideal for smaller graphics, such as labels..
Model: MS418
Insta 418SKU: MS418  Insta 418Insta 418 Heat Press Machine – Curved Platens Make Printing on Hats a BreezeThe Insta 418 Digital Cap Heat Press is a terrific multi-purpose heat press. Its curved platens are perfectly molded to mirror the curves of a hat and are designed to apply heat t..
Brand: Hix Model: SwingMan 20E
The 16"x20"  HIX (swingaway) SwingMan 20E is the best 16"x20" choice for the start-up business. Users will have unlimited application options; from youth size to adult xtra-large garments, and applications on substrates up to 1-3/4" thick.The HIX SwingMan 20E is one of the most reliable swing-a..
Brand: Geo Knight Model: DK8T
The DK8T Twin label press is a 6x8 small platen heat press with a high productivity design. The head pivots back and forth between the two pedestals effortlessly. While one side is pressing, the user is able to set up work on the other pedestal and maximize efficiency.This machine is very popular fo..
Brand: Stahls Model: STX-1115XAUTO
The Hotronix Auto Open Clam Heat Press machine, featuring Auto Open design and magnetic lock down, with digital time, temperature, and easy way to operate. The space-saving clam shell design allows more room for multiple heat press machines, creating an environment for maximum potential and pro..
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