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Button Presses

Button Presses
Model MTD 225, 2 1/4" Round Mounted Manual SystemModel MTD 225 is a mounted system that consists of the Model 225 Button Maker Machine and Model 2625 (Paper) or 2225 (Photo) Graphic Punch Cutter mounted to a plastic board.Product FeaturesButton machines are all metal constructionThe button..
3-1/2" Round Mirror Button Complete Set3-1/2" mirror button making supplies include shells, mylar, collets, shims, and mirrors1BOX -1,000  P/C. Mirror Button Making Supplies: How to Make a Mirror Button 1. Identify the crimp die and the pickup die of the button maker machine. 2. Rotat..
Brand: JiCase®
Metal Button Parts When used with a button press, the button parts join together to form a Mylar faced, pin back, 3" metal button. Available in 2¼" and 3" round.3" Button Parts complete setqty-1 box per pack 500Button Making Supplies: How to Make a Round Pinned Back Button 1. Ide..
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