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ChromaLuxe is the world's leading brand of high definition sublimation panels. Through dye sublimation, images are infused directly into specially coated sheets of metal, wood and table top panels that turn any image into vibrant wall décor.

Model: 1013
These customizable two-sided clipboards include a flat or standard clip that is attached after sublimation using the provided rivets. 25 rivets are included with each case pack.Material: HardboardFinish: Gloss WhiteThickness: 0.125"Size:  9"x12.5"Printing Instructions:Temperature 400FTime 45 se..
Model: 4002
Hinged photo panels have a black back and edge. Sets include brass hinges to connect multiple panels together.Material: HardboardFinish: Gloss WhiteThickness: 0.25"Size:  3.5x5" (x2) +5"x7..
Brand: UniSub Model: 4008
ITEM NO.4008SUBSTRATEAluminumSIZE (IN)8" x 10"SIZE (MM)203.2 x 254THICKNESS0.045" / 1.14mmFINISHMatteCOATINGWhite..
4016 Gloss White Metal Prints  16x20
In Stock
Brand: UniSub Model: 4016
ITEM NO.4016SUBSTRATEAluminumSIZE (IN)16" x 20"SIZE (MM)406,4 x 508THICKNESS0.045" / 1.14mmFINISHGlossCOATINGWhite..
4020 Gloss White Metal Prints 15x18.75
Out Of Stock
Brand: UniSub Model: 4020
ITEM NO.4020SUBSTRATEAluminumSIZE (IN)15" x 18.75"SIZE (MM)381 x 476,25THICKNESS0.045" / 1.14mmFINISHGlossCOATINGWhite..
Model: 4048
4048SUBSTRATEAluminumSIZE (IN)3.5"SIZE (MM)88,9 RoundTHICKNESS0.03" / 0.762mmFINISHGlossCOATINGClear..
Brand: UniSub Model: 4054
ITEM NO.4054SUBSTRATEAluminumSIZE (IN)5"x 7"SIZE (MM)127 x 177.8THICKNESS0.045" / 1.14mmFINISHGlossCOATINGWhite..
Brand: UniSub Model: 4055
ITEM NO.4055SUBSTRATEAluminumSIZE (IN)5 x 7"SIZE (MM)127 x 177.8THICKNESS0.045" / 1.14mmFINISHMatteCOATINGWhite..
Brand: UniSub Model: 4056
ITEM NO.4056SUBSTRATEAluminumSIZE (IN)5"x 7"SIZE (MM)127 x 177.8THICKNESS0.045" / 1.14mmFINISHGlossCOATINGClear..
Model: 4060
Brushed silver easels with two-sided adhesive pre-applied. Small & large easels can be used for wall or table top display of ChromaLuxe prints.Small easel (use with vertical 5"x7" and up to 8"x10" )Material: AluminumFinish: Gloss ClearThickness: 0.04"Size:  1.99"x5.5"..
Brand: UniSub Model: 4066
ITEM NO.4066SUBSTRATEAluminumSIZE (IN)6" x 6"SIZE (MM)152.4 x 152.4THICKNESS0.045" / 1.14mmFINISHGlossCOATINGWhite ..
Model: 4084
Brushed silver easels with two-sided adhesive pre-applied. Small & large easels can be used for wall or table top display of ChromaLuxe prints.Large easel (use with 10" square and up to 11"x14")Material: AluminumFinish: Gloss ClearThickness: 0.04"Size:  1.99"x5.5"..
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