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3d Mask Bracket

3d Mask Bracket
3d Mask Bracket

Washable 3D Face Mask Mouth Cover Bracket Inner Stand Holder Support Frame 1-10x
More Space for Breathing. It holds up the mask fabric around the mouth to create more breathing space when a mask is put on face.
The bracket reduces the friction frequency between mask and face to protect the lining from getting stained.
3D Mask Stand can prevent lipstick from falling off when wearing a mask.
Ideal Saver for Makeup. It makes the mask not to stick lipstick, protecting your perfect makeup from being messed up.
Safe & Reusable. Food grade silicone material is safe, washable and reusable.
Material: Silicone Rubber
Color: White
Each item Size: 10.3*8.5*4.0cm
Each item Weight: 5 g

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